Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer in Florida

Here we are in the "Dog Days" of August again.   Just finished revamping my website ( and looking forward to making some jewelry again.  Summer is the time I get to work on the "tedious" stuff, like websites, my etsy store, photographing new works, and cleaning up the studio.  In the winter I'm too busy with teaching and custom work to do much else.  Summer in Florida is the "off " season, so art centers close and even some galleries and shops go on vacation for a month or more.  When it's in the mid 90's and high humidity you just don't want to go outside much.  Except to go to the beach.  The ocean feels like a bath tub this time of year, you can float for hours. The garden is lush and green, the moonflowers are opening by the front door at night and smell divine.  It's a kinda of sleepy time when you gather your energy and plan for the coming Fall tourist season.  (I think we are the only "civilized" tropical country that ignores "siesta" - go figure, are we workaholics?)  But it also gives me time to experiment with new materials and techniques, and maybe even build something for myself!

 My Fall classes are booked and on my website with links to locations.  I'm not teaching anywhere near the load I used to, just a few a week due to my back not being what it used to be.  But I still do individual instructions and workshops here at my home studio so if you'd like to learn silversmithing, stone cutting, enamels or any of the skills I offer in my group classes, drop me an email.  I finally got my neck surgery done 2 weeks ago and can turn my head again so it did help. Now to test it out with some serious work on the jeweler's bench!